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Step 1: Selection of Normal Pulses

We put a keen eye on selection of raw pulses to ensure the best delivery of quality pulses. We purchase raw pulses from AGRO BELTS, which is globally known for their excellent quality products. These selected best bold quality raw pulses, are send now for further processing, which includes refining and splitting.

Processing of Qiality Pulses

Step 2: Filtration Plant

After selection these best quality raw seed are cleaned and filtered at our in house modernized filtration plants. This plant is well equipped to filter and remove all the impurities, dust particles, etc. We have HI Tech de-stone machines not only clean and filter the seeds but also remove tiny magnetic parts. Now these seeds are ready for DE- hydration Process.

Step 3: De-Hydration

We have an advance heating system to De hydrate the seeds. To contain the natural moisture of seed we apply a coat of 0.25 % vegetable oil on seed weight and these seed are kept in dyers and heated up on 70 0C. To properly dehydrate the seeds, we place them in dyers for 48 hours.

Step 4: Processing And Crushing

Till this process pulses are in their original whole size, in order to shape them in their respective size, we use high speed emry rollers. Theses high speed emry rollers split out the oiled seeds and shape them in their respective size.

Step 5: Storing Oiling

Till this process seed are partially de husked. Once again we give an oil touch to semi de husked pulses and with the help of conveyer system we store these de husked pulses in highly hygienic tanks. After 48 hours we spray water on seeds and kept until it gets soften.

Step 6 : De-Husking

To finally de husk the semi de husked seeds, we use traditional / crushers. We use natural sunlight heating system to dry seeds. Seed are kept in open wide areas to allow them to get proper sun rays.

Step 7: Spliting And Grading

Sunlight dried seed doesn't loose their natural essence, to maintain this natural essence we split them by natural system. Well splitted seeds are now send for grading and sorting.

Step 8: Cleaning

In our HI Tech Infrastructure we have modernized m/c's to withdraw all the left extraneous elements, like half blown grains like green & white grains and foreign substances etc. This process removes all the impurities and the seeds left are 100 % cleaned, hygienic and ready to cook.

Step 10: Weighment

We pay full attention on weighment. We are highly concern with the Exact and accmate weighment for even a small gram of packet.

Step 11: Packing

We offer various packaging options. Our packages ranges from 10 Kg. to 50 Kg. We do the packings as per the buyer requirements. We use various packaging bags such as bags P.P. bags, H.D.P.E. bags and new jute bags etc.

Step 12 :Brand and Marketing

We are a well known name in pulse industry, so we proud to sell all our products with our brand name. Yet, as per the buyer's brand name and requirements, we as well make the quality and packing/marking.


We maintain a large inventory so that we give our buyer's a very fast delivery. We have adequate storing space available with in house container stuffing facilities.

step 14 : Stuffing Transportation

Marwari Spices and Pulses is situated in Jaipur, which is center to many of the transports. So all types of transport can be easily possible in minimum amount of time & money.


- 1. For investors in coriander, the ultimate support price is Rs. 3360. “Spot and futures should wait for more correction in price to get the target of Rs. 6300-7800 for the year of 2013.”
- 2. NCDEX Chilli down on cyclical trend; strong support near 4500
- 3. Coriander: Target of Rs. 6300-7800 for the year of 2013 -

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